Condition Publique, Roubaix, 2009 ©P.Deprez

Think Thrice

  • Biennale d’Art et de Design, Saint-Etienne, FR, 20 november - 5 december 2010
  • CC Strombeek, Bruxelles, BE, 25 september - 21 october 2010
  • Conférence Lift, Genève, CH, 5 - 7 may 2010
  • Condition publique, Roubaix, FR, 26 november - 21 december 2009
  • Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon, CH, 14 - 24 october 2008

The visual and sound installation "Think Thrice" was created in 2008 in Geneva. It explores the interdependencies and interrelationships between the concepts of sound, space, resonance, duration and time. It’s based on two technical concepts: feedback and disappearance.

This impressive and interactive installation uses 400 interconnected headphones, which amplify the space and the electrical noise of eight lamps that illuminate the installation. Some of the headphones, used as microphones, create a feedback loop that the viewer interferes with and alters by his sole presence near the work, without necessarily realizing it. The sound produced by the headphones influences, in turn, the images generated on two screens.

There is thus an invisible influence of man on the space, made audible by a sound transformation, without the viewer knowing that it directly effects the way the images are generated. Or how to use feedback as a basis for a liberating thought on music.